Continuous innovation, change and transformation are part of 360Inspiration daily routine. We strive to make whatever business ideas our clients have in mind a reality.  Owing to the wide variety of markets in which we operate, and the many different projects we’ve handled, we are highly skilled in creative and holistic thinking which unites vision with a variety of disciplines. 

Based on this knowledge and experience, we’ve come up with a service: 360° Creative Services. Within this label we have created a total package of different workshops. Each workshop is designed to meet your specific needs and help you turn ideas into business.

On this website you will find an overview of these workshops. You can choose one workshop, pick several different workshops or start with our ‘360° Direct’ workshop to get a ‘quick & dirty’ total package, which will take you from insights to concept to match your specific needs.  You can of course, also ask for our advice. 360 Creative Services are divided into three levels: Inspiration, Scenario & Strategy and Concepts. Each level contains several workshops. For who? explains to whom the workshops  will be interesting and relevant. What? explains the purpose and goal of the workshops.

For an overview of the total package please click ‘Workshop overview’ at the top.