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Roadmap Durability

To complete the roadmap for durable product development with actions and ideas based on the durable vision of your company.

During this workshop the foundation for development of a durable product is created, based on the ‘cradle to cradle’ philosophy.
  • Together we assess the durability of your current product.
  • All relevant steps in the product life cycle are completed: from raw material, to end user, to discarded item. This will generate ideas and actions that will be transformed into a durable product.
  • The ideas and actions generated are assessed, the strongest of which are then placed on the roadmap.
  • The roadmap initially identifies feasible, lower investment, short-term ideas and actions: the so-called focal points.

Process (preparation & development) incl. 1-day workshop.

This workshop results in a completed roadmap for durable product development.
  • The roadmap is filled in during the workshop with actions and ideas for durable product development.
  • A shortlist of focal points defines the actions to be taken in the short term.

The findings of the workshop will be documented in a report that will be mailed to you.