By Scenario & Strategy


Personas & Drivers

Personas is a valuable tool to examine ideas and concepts within the marketing and product development of the brand. The goal of the workshop is to identify the target market for a product or brand and to translate this to potential users who are representative of your target market.

During the workshop together we will:
  • discuss potential target groups using a standard set of criteria
  • determine the most important consumer motives using Customer Activity Cycles
  • define specific identities for the brand or product which are representative of the target group(s)
We establish this using the ‘persona tool’, which has been developed by VanBerlo and B/Twentynine and by completing the Customer Activity Cycles.

Process (preparation & development) incl. 0,5 day workshop.

The workshop results in the defining and visualisation of one, or multiple, identities which are representative of the target group. These personas form an important basis for the next steps in the design process, such as developing a brand identity and communication concept or new product development. This workshop combines very well with the Dresscode & Brand Personality workshop.